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Customer Letters

Customer Letter


Although prompt and efficient service no longer appears to be fashionable, I am very happy to confirm that your company is one who still uphold old traditions by extending its customer a first class and prompt service.

About three years ago when your erectors put a large sectional building in the place of my choice and our neighbours subsequently objected and it had to be removed top another position, your erectors appeared promptly, dismantled and re erected the building in another position at very reasonable cost.

This time I wanted a greenhouse also supplied by your good selves moved from my present address. I contacted your office (sorry I have forgotten my contact's name, but thanks all the same) who in turn left a message for �Tiny�. Your subcontractor contacted me the same day and offered to do the job last Friday at around noon.

Because he was going to be about 1 1/2 hours late on that day, he telephoned us again on Friday to advise that he would be late. This was much appreciated.

As per his promise he turned up and the process began immediately. Because he could see that I was disabled he discouraged any move on my part to help him and since the job could not be completed before total darkness he turned up on Saturday morning with �another pair of hands� and the whole job was completed within a couple of hours of their arrival.

I consider the costs involved extremely reasonable and would congratulate Summers on their selection of courteous and very efficient �subbies� and thank your company for �always being there when needed�. Thanks a lot.

Yours sincerely,


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