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Thermometers and soil gauges

Digital weather station - climate monitoring

Thermometers and soil gauges

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£29.00 each

This Digital Weather Station is a great gadget for gardeners. The main control unit stays inside whilst a separate waterproof remote sensor collects data outside. The outside sensor has its own digital display but also wirelessly sends the data back to the main control unit. Both units run on battery power, with no mains wiring required. The main control unit can be either wall mounted or free standing using the support stand on the back. The weather station displays the current temperature (In either Centigrade or Fahrenheit) and current humidity, both inside and outside. A number of other useful tracking features are included, such as the temperature trend over the last hour (rising, falling or steady) and the current moon phase. To further assist with planning your day, easy to read icons show the current comfort level and also the weather forecast. The unit has a built-in programmable alarm that can be set to go off at extremes of temperature. A separate alarm can be set up to go off at a specific time each day. An LED backlight can be activated at the press of a button to assist with reading the display.

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