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Security features

Pack of 10 non-reversible one way security screws

Security features

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£5.00 per pack

Security screws are an ingenious and effective way to make shed doors and garden gates more secure. Some of the normal screws are removed from T hinges or handles and replaced with non-reversible security screws. Most normal screws are designed to be equally easy to screw in or out. By contrast, security screws can only be screwed in. This ensures that a door or gate cannot be easily removed without using a crowbar or a claw hammer, a process which requires considerable force and makes a noise. This simple precaution will deter most petty criminals and opportunist thieves, especially with so many unprotected targets elsewhere. The pack includes ten security screws, enough to make several doors secure. A detailed information sheet is also included with fitting instructions and useful tips on how and where to use security screws.

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