Garden Edging 560 - Logroll Style Border, Up To 125mm High

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Garden Edging 560 - Logroll Style Border, Up To 125mm High
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Pictures 1 shows curved edging. Picture 2 shows straight edging. Picture 3 shows two pieces fully and partially joined. Picture 4 shows close up views of the reverse side. Picture 5 shows a close up front view of a single piece.


This versatile edging is maintenance free and 100% recycled. It is ideal for use as border or lawn edging and available in many sizes from 5 linear metres to over 100 metres. The minimum order is 5 linear metres and you can add as many extra metres as you need to avoid waste. The attractive traditional appearance is similar to dark brown stained wooden logroll with a half width rounded design and an authentic textured woodgrain external finish. It is easy to install in straight lines, circles, precise arcs or irregular shapes around existing features. The individual logs are almost completely rigid with ribbed reinforcing to the spikes and unsupported edges. Limited flexibility at the log joins allows for curved shapes including circles or arcs with a diameter of only 500mm (1'8"). The individual pieces are 250mm long and slot together neatly to form a strong concealed join, giving the appearance of a continuous logroll. Each piece features 4 logs and 2 spikes. The log height is up to 125mm (5"). The overall height including the spikes is 223mm (9").

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  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Suitable for use as lawn, path or border edging
  • 100% recycled, polypropylene/polyethylene mix, free from heavy metals
  • Concealed fixing system looks like a continuous log roll
  • Strong and tight fitting tongued and grooved joins between each edging
  • Each piece includes a tongue on the left side and a groove on the right side, when viewed from the front
  • The joins cannot easily be pulled apart horizontally although each piece can be moved up or down easily
  • The moulded logroll design features 4 half round logs per 250mm long piece and 16 half round logs per linear metre
  • The moulded logroll design features 2 extended integral spikes per 250mm long piece and 8 integral spikes per linear metre
  • Authentic textured woodgrain external finish, more attractive than smooth plastic edging
  • Decorative appearance, similar to planed and rounded half width logs painted in a dark brown colour
  • 4 pieces per linear metre, with each piece covering 250mm (10") in length
  • Logroll pattern features round logs 60mm (2.5") in diameter and 30mm (1.25") in depth
  • Log height 125mm (5") excluding spikes
  • Overall height 223mm (9") including spikes
  • The moulded shape and wall thickness ensures that each log is almost completely rigid
  • The joins between each log allow limited flexing to create curves, arcs and circles
  • 2mm wall thickness
  • Reinforced spikes, can be pushed into soft soil
  • Spikes may be damaged if hammered or forced into hard ground such as compacted soil or hardcore
  • Harder ground should be excavated to the depth of the spikes and backfilled
  • To ensure a straight line and even height use a tightened string line
  • Recommended minimum diameter 500mm (1'8") for circles, semi circles, arches and curves
  • To ensure precise curves the ground on at least one side should be firm and cut to the correct shape, which makes installation easier.
  • Any soft ground at the front or rear should be compacted soon after the edging has been inserted in the ground, to hold the edging firmly in place.
  • For compacting large areas of soil, hardcore or lawn a roller or a pneumatic compactor is recommended
  • For compacting smaller areas of soil, hardcore or lawn the traditional "heel and toe" method is recommended
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