Autovent Greenhouse Roof Vent Automatic Opener

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Autovent Greenhouse Roof Vent Automatic Opener
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This heat operated automatic roof vent opener opens and closes roof vents automatically in response to climatic conditions. The flexible design ensures that it will fit most popular greenhouses, except smaller reach in or lean to greenhouses. The unit is adjustable to suit your needs. The smaller vent bracket features elongated holes to suit most vents. The larger frame bracket features multiple holes to suit most greenhouse frames. Clamps are also included so the unit will fit many greenhouses without drilling any holes. Instructions are supplied with all necessary fixings.

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This vent opener fits the majority of free standing greenhouses and larger lean to greenhouses which are at least 4' deep but not smaller reach in or lean to greenhouses or cold frames. This is because the cylinder hangs down and protrudes whenever the vent is not fully open. In a smaller lean to greenhouse e.g. 2'x4' or 2'x6' the cylinder would be obstructed by the front wall. No guarantee is given that it will fit a particular model.

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