Review of 8x12 Greenhouse 090

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Appraisal from Dave in NE61

Dave, Morpeth, NE61, 8x12 Greenhouse 090, 7th April 2019

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Aluminium Greenhouse 090

An appraisal 6 April 2019

Can we build it?


After receiving this greenhouse on time and correctly packed I started to build it with some trepidation. It is now almost finished and I decided to write an appraisal and give some advice for others.

Advice note 1:

Phone up the company and get advice. They gave me this very good advice -

1. Take your time

2. If it does not fit you have built it wrong

3. Leave the screws loose for a while

This is really good advice. So I built the openers, the doors and the front and back as advised after

putting down the base. This is where I learnt the design is good and tolerant of illiterates. When I swapped cill A and cill B and then found the error I found that the design is tolerant of idiots and all

that happens is a few extra, but almost hidden screw holes. As you can see, I could not do it all in

one day and had to prevent the front and back blowing away.

The big build:

This is where it started to go wrong. I assume that when the instructions were written the builders have a flat surface to build on. I had the lawn laid (badly) by the developers on my new build house. So I would amend the instructions. Put in the top and bottom cross (side) pieces and

then bolt the structure to the base. We did this earlier than advised but early enough and it made us struggle. The build went well after this had occurred.

Advice note 2:

When it says take your time to make the doors fit well and open and close smoothly do just that - Take your time. So the build is finished except for - 1. I have not fitted the ends on the guttering as I am still trying to work out how the collect run off rainwater. 2. I have no fitted the auto risers for the vents as I am not totally sure how they supposed to work.

Next bit. Gardening advice.

I notice that all gardening programms show “How to prepare beds” on really good soil. My old house was on chalk and, even worse the new house is on clay. This means you cannot get “a fine tilth!” However, here is the progress so far - The ground after the build looked like this - I added sharp sand and then used my tiller (who is called the Hun) to give this - The compost gave this - Now we added tomato plant, and sowed carrot, spring onion and beetroot. We also prevent the hanging structure for trailing strawberries.

The final advice –

Buy this greenhouse, it is brilliant. It would be perfect if there was a kit to collect rainwater.

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