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Polypropylene footpath - 36 tonnes per square metre

Durable easy-fit footpath 660mm wide x 7470mm long

Polypropylene footpath - 36 tonnes per square metre

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£166.00 per kit

This durable footpath is an affordable alternative to slabs or concrete. Easy to install within a few minutes, these interlocking polypropylene pavers simply click together with no fixings needed. Unlike slabs or concrete these pavers are lightweight, easy to install and fully relocatable. Designed to spread weight, the finished path is capable of supporting 36 tonnes per square metre. Each tile is 330mm x 166mm. First the ground is levelled and then the pavers are laid directly on the soil. The pavers can also be laid on grass, sand or gravel. The finished footpath is self draining and suitable for wheelbarrows and wheelchairs. It fits comfortably inside the greenhouse with a few inches to spare. The tiles are easily prised apart by folding so this footpath is even quicker to remove if required.